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bulge t3 and t4

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Can a acident cause a disc bulge? Yes a accident can cause a disc bulge What is a t3-t4 disc bulge and what does it affect? A T3-T4 disc bulge is slight protrusion
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bulge t3 and t4

is is normal to have 5 vertebrae.

I have been visiting many different types of doctors sent 11/07 for back pain. I had an x-ray in 11/07 which showed multiple levels of disc degeneration in thoracic

What is a t3-t4 disc bulge and what does.

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A T3-T4 disc bulge is slight protrusion of the of the intervertabral disc, in between the Thoracic vertebrate number 3 and 4 of the spine, without the anulus fibrosus
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bulge t3 and t4

  • What is circumferential disc bulge - The.

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